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  • 1940 - His birth is related to the city of Antequera (Málaga ) where he grown up , but he was born on April 15 in Torre- Alhaquime (Cádiz ).
  • 1958 - Attends classes of the School of Arts and Crafts in Antequera.
  • 1959 - Entered the School of Fine Arts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary , Sevilla
  • 1962 - Moves to Madrid to continue his training at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando .
  • 1963 - Gold Medal at the Exhibition of Landscape in the Paular’s scholarship.
    Gives his first Picasso ‘s conference in the University Residence San Fernando and published various articles of classical art
  • 1964 – He finished his studies and obtained because his extraordiary academic record the National Thesis Prize.
    Gets a grant from the Ministry of Education and Science to prepare a professorship at the School of Fine Arts.
    He was appointed assistant professor at the School of Fine Arts in Madrid.
    He teaches for three years at the School of Fine Arts of San Fernando .
  • 1965 - Won the second prize in the National Painting Competition in Elche.
    In the first “salón de invierno de Málaga” gets the Painting Prize assigned by the Provincial Savings Bank.
    Travels to Paris.
    Illustrates “My City “of Juan Alcaide , and a “few days in Paris” to their own texts.
  • 1966 - Award of the Council of La Coruña in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts.
    his first “one man show” exhibition was in the “Club Pueblo “of Madrid.
    Illustrates “The Gypsy Ballads” of Federico García Lorca.
  • 1967 - He left teaching at the School of Fine Arts to devote himself to painting.
    In the II Repesa painting is granted with the “Adquisición”Award .
    Second “one man show” exhibition at the Gallery of Madrid Quixote .
    He paints a portrait of the poet Gerardo Diego.
  • 1968 - Gets a grant from the Juan March Foundation to further his studies on illustration and painting in Spain .
    Award of the Council of Barcelona in the National Exhibition of Fine Arts.
    Attends Art Courses at the International University Menéndez Pelayo in Santander.
  • 1969 - Get a new grant from the Juan March Foundation to continue their education in the United States.
    Paint the Portrait of Félix Rodríguez de la Fuente.
    He stablish his residence in New York.
  • 1970 - Gets “Blanco y Negro” Award .
  • 1971 - Invited to participate in collective exhibitions that are held in the U.S. about Spanish contemporary art.
    Illustrated “hombre de luz”, Odon Betanzos .
    Painting Prize Rodríguez Acosta Foundation Granada .
    He paints a portrait of nobel prize Dr. Severo Ochoa.
    He married Marisa Oropesa.
  • 1972 - Makes his first solo exhibition in New York Staempfli Gallery .
  • 1973 - Participates in the XXI Biennial International " Fiorino " , Florence.
  • 1974 - Solo exhibition of his work at the Gallery Biosca .
    The newspaper " Pueblo " gives the "Popular " award of the year in its pictorial aspect.
  • 1975 - It's selected to participate in the exhibition Fantastic Realism in Spain , through several European cities.
    He was invited to participate , representing Spain in the XIII Bienal de Sao Paulo , obtaining such success that , although the jury does not give him the Grand Prix of the Biennial , review and the audience awarded him through a survey.
    Won second prize for painting at the V Biennial of Sport in Fine Arts.
  • 1976 - Participates in numerous group exhibitions , both in Spain and the United States .
  • 1977 - Represent Spain at the XXIII International Biennial " Fiorino " , Florence, where he won the gold medal , and the homage of the organization exhibiting his work in a special room with Balthus, Guttuso and Varlin .
  • 1978 - The City Council Antequera give him the title of " favorite son of the city “. The Municipal Museum dedicates one of its halls to exhibit his paintings .
  • 1979 - The City of Antequera named one of the squares of the town with the name of Cristóbal Toral.
    Rayuela Editions publishes the first monograph on the artist , written by Manuel Conde.
  • 1980 - Makes his first solo exhibition in Paris in the Isy Brachot Gallery .
  • 1981 - Participates in the FIAC at the Grand Palais in Paris.
    Arco 81 Biosca Gallery , Madrid.
    International Art Fair , Cologne, Levy Gallery .
    Participates in several exhibitions .
  • 1982 - Exhibition at the Levy Gallery in Hamburg.
    Staempfli Gallery , New York, and Arco 82, Madrid.
    Participates in several exhibitions .
  • 1983 to 1984 - Participates in the FIAC 83 Isy Brachot Gallery . Solo exhibition at the Isy Brachot , Paris Gallery .
    Contribute to 84 Arco with Levy Gallery .
  • 1985 - Exhibition at the San Telmo Museum , San Sebastián .
    Contribute to 85 Arco , Levy Gallery in " trompe l' oeil Around " , Columbus Museum of Art, Ohio , USA
  • 1986 – Show’ s shis latest work in the Centro Cultural Nicolás Salmerón , Madrid.
    Solo exhibition at the Staempfli , New York Gallery .
    Participated in numerous group exhibitions.
    Arco 86, Levy Gallery .
    His hometown , Torre- Alháquime puts his name to one of its streets.
  • 1987 - Espasa -Calpe publishes a monograph on the artist written by José Luis Castillo Puche .
    Solo exhibitions at the Levy Gallery Hamburg , and the Staempfli Gallery , New York.
    Participated in numerous group exhibitions.
  • 1988 to 1989 - Solo exhibition at the General Savings Bank of Granada .
    Arco 88 Levy Gallery .
    British Petroleum will sponsor an exhibition of his work in his Brussels place .
    Participates in several exhibitions .
  • 1990 - Make three individual exhibitions of his works on paper , galleries Heidelberg , Hamburg and Bilbao. Arco 90 , FIAC 90 , Levy Gallery .
    The village of Peza ( Granada ) gave his name from one of its streets .
  • 1991 - An art studio is built at his home in Toledo field to make large format works .
    Contribute to Realism in Contemporary Spanish Art , Asaghi Shimbun Tokyo , Osaka , Yokohama and Kyoto. Also in “The Cat in the paint” Chantillon Museum, Paris .
  • 1992 - exhibits his work individually in Seville and Vitoria , this time making a small retrospective .
    Ranx - Xerox invites him to exhibit at the Expo 92 pavilion , building a monumental sculpture in the center of the building .
  • 1993 – Mostly of his time Works in his art studio in Toledo , in order to work and prepare for the retrospective exhibition that is organizing the City Council of Madrid.
  • 1994 - Retrospective exhibition at the Centro Cultural de la Villa, Madrid.
    Participates in several exhibitions .
  • 1995 - The regional government gave him the Gold Medal of Andalusia. He is named Honorary Academician of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of St. Elizabeth of Hungary , Sevilla.
    Solo exhibition in Sala de arte Pescadería , Jerez de la Frontera ; Almudí Palace Arts Center , Murcia , and Museo de Navarra, Pamplona.
  • 1996 - Work to prepare the traveling exhibition by museums in Latin America.
  • 1997/2000 - Travelling Exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofia Imber Caracas Museum of Modern Art in Bogotá , Palace Museum of Fine Arts in Mexico , National Art Museum of La Paz, Lima Art Museum , National Museum of Fine Arts in Santiago de Chile, Caraffa Provincial Museum of Córdoba ( Argentina ), Recoleta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires .
    He is prized with the " Sánchez Cotán " award. Also wins, the " Prize of Plastic " in its eighth edition Cultura Viva .
    Venezuela 's government gave him the Order of Francisco Fajardo.
  • 2001/ 02 - Solo exhibition at the Levy Gallery Hamburg .
    Traveling exhibition in the Museo Provincial de Jaén , Granada Box Foundation Cultural Center and Cultural Center The General , Almería .
    Participate in the Actual Spanish artists that takes place at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Toledo. Also participates in the exhibition Other Meninas , which travels around various cities.
  • 2003/ 04 - Participates in the exhibition A century of change , ABC, the National Library of Madrid.
    Write his autobiography : “Life in a suitcase”, published by Temas de Hoy editorial .
    Solo exhibition at the Juan Gris Gallery , Madrid.
    The Ministry of Foreign Affairs includes him in the Spanish Art Abroad Program , traveling with his painting to Marino Marini Museum in Florence , in the Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts , Belgrade, and the International Institute of Design , Budapest .
  • 2004 - Produced by Caixanova , he exhibit his work in Vigo Caixanova Cultural Center and at City Hall Kiosko Alfonso in La Coruña.
  • 2005 - Illustrated commissioned by the Italian publisher Franco Maria Ricci 's a book entitled "Book of Dreams " by Jorge Luis Borges.
    Read his acceptance speech as Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Seville .
    Participated in numerous group exhibitions. Solo exhibition at the Centro Cultural Borges , Buenos Aires.
  • 2006 - Solo exhibition at the Juan Gris Gallery , Madrid.
    Make several exhibitions .
    Commissioned by the Ministry of Public Works made a mural and a sculpture for the AVE station in Antequera.
  • 2007 - Participates in numerous exhibitions as Visions of Reality organized by the city of Madrid.
  • 2008 - Exhibition at the Barcelonas’ s Picasso Museum in " Forgetting Velázquez " . Participates in the “Realities of Reality” exhibition taking place at the Museum of Fine Arts in Badajoz.
  • 2009 - Prize of Culture, in its mode Visual Arts , Community of Madrid.
    Exhibition " viaje ininterrumpido " on Almudí Hall organized by the city of Valencia and in the Lonja del Pescado organized by the city of Alicante.
    Conference about Contemporary Art at Dartmouth College (USA) .
  • 2010 - Award for Best Professional Career of Jorge Alio Foundation.
    Exhibition " Realities of Reality " at the Palacio de Revillagigedo ( Gijón).
    He was named Honorary Member of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of Antequera.
  • 2011 - Performs various exhibitions and Realities of Reality Plural Bancaja Foundation Caja Castellón , Juan Gris Gallery , Madrid.
    The Art of Nude . CEART , Fuenlabrada.
  • 2012 - Participates in Arco, Levy Gallery .
    The Hood Museum of Dartmouth ( Hanover , NH . ) Acquired one of his works to his collection.
  • 2013 - Retrospective exhibition " The footprint of a journey " at the Palace of Sástago ( Zaragoza) .
    Along with Antonio Lopez imparts clases in the Creart workshop organized by the European Union in Valladolid (February- March).
    Conferences and painting workshop in Dartmouth College ( USA) ( April).
  • 2014 - Participate in the Visions of Reality exhibition organized by the Foundation Cajacanarias ( February to May )
    Exhibition "Cartografía de un viaje" in the CEART of Fuenlabrada ( Madrid).
    Makes an engraving for the series tribute "Los Disparates de Francisco de Goya" commissioned by City of Fuendetodos (Zaragoza) and makes an exhibition of his graphic work in the city.
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